Organization and Responsibilities

The Office of General Affairs offers is responsible for:

overall management of various purchases and procurements, construction contracts, building maintenance and repairs , property management, billing and payment, sending and receiving letters, campus planning, and other services.


There are five administrative divisions under the office:

Document Division, Cashier‘s Division, Property and Inventory Division, Purchase and Supply Division, and Engineering and Maintenance Division.


Document Division: 

1.Process documents (receiving and issuing official documents, etc)

2.Manage files (collecting, archiving, filing, reviewing, etc)

3.Manage mails and packages

4. Certify and seal official documents

5. Take record of meetings

6. Control printed documents

7. Control electronic documents


Cashier’s Division:

1.     Process, transfer, and manage cash, notes , and securities, and take charge of account registration, statement preparation, and other matters

2.     Take charge of receiving and paying for school funds

3.     Distribute payroll, public funds , grants and other payments

4.     Take charge of receipt and payment of particular cases by clients

5.     Provide banking services in school: Land Bank (Tuesday and Thursday mornings )


Property and Inventory Division:

1.Control and manage land and buildings (including insurance)

2. Control and manage property and materials (registration, inspection, inventory, scraping, transferring, etc.)

3. Manage parking spaces and official vehicles(including insurance)

4. Take charge of dormitory management

5. Mange property and various items (graduation garment rental, stationery distribution, key borrowing, etc. )

6. Manage and control meeting rooms and conference halls

7.Manage private rooms of teachers and faculties

8.Manage security guides

9. Manage motorcycle access cards

10. Undertake other tasks and assignments

Purchase and Supply Division:

1.Purchase property and procure services

2.Take charge of overseas purchases

3.Take charge of cross-office purchases

4. Support celebrations, major events, and various activities

5. Control cash expenses

6. Manage outsourced services(garbage removal, student restaurants , convenience stores, etc )

7. Control bidding of purchase and supply

8. Undertake temporary assignments

9. Maintain the IT equipment of OGA

10. Manage funding and purchasing systems


Engineering and Maintenance Division:

1.     Take charge of construction-related purchases and procurements

2.     Maintain roads and facilities in campus districts,

3.     Maintain electro-mechanical equipment, central air-conditioning system, and lighting and drainage facilities

4.     Plan, design, and implement new construction projects

5.     Maintain fire protection systems

6.     Inspect public safety measures of buildings

7.     Monitor and maintain the school drinking fountains and water quality

8.     Maintain dormitory boilers and hot water systems

9.     Maintain campus environment and landscape and manage related technicians and workers

10.    Other maintenance and repairs